Give a Lightning Talk

Trey Hunner / @treyhunner

Thinking up a topic 💭

  • Review the familiar or teach something new
  • Tell a story or teach a skill
  • Stay general or dive deep

Prepping talk material 📝

  • Make an outline while planning your talk
  • Set expectations quickly and early
  • Stay narrow if possible

Don't be too adventurous ⛔

  • Stay near your comfort zone
  • Use slides: don't do live demos
  • Keep it short

Comprehension 📖

def use_dark_text_on_a_light_background():

Rehearsing 🎻

  • Write speaker notes
  • Your talk is a scripted performance
  • Don't plan to improve but prepare to do so

Keeping cool ⏳

  • Stay within the time limit
  • Try to embrace the unexpected
  • Finishing up: thanks, unplug, answer
  • Chat with folks afterward

Thank You! 💓

Trey Hunner / @treyhunner
Python teacher & technical trainer