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Hi! 😁 My name is Trey

My name is Trey Hunner and I help Python developers level-up their skills through Python Morsels, my weekly Python exercise service.

I also hold Python trainings for teams through my one-person corporate training company, Truthful Technology LLC. These trainings are always hands-on (like my tutorials, not my talks).

You can scroll down to see a list of the some popular Python articles I’ve written below, but please remember that watching talks and reading articles is not the most effective way to learn. Learning comes through practice.

Practice Python every week with Python Morsels

We don’t learn by putting information into our heads. We learn by trying to retrieve information from our heads. So practice is pretty much the only way to learn.

I made Python Morsels to help working Python developers grow their skills every week through deliberate practice.

As a Python Morsels subscriber, every Monday I’ll send you a new exercise based on your skill level. These exercises are meant to push you slightly outside of your comfort zone, gradually expanding your abilities each week.

I recommend allotting a total of 1-2 hours each week for Python practice via Python Morsels.

You can find the Privacy Policy for Python Morsels here.

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I send out 1 Python exercise every week through a Python skill-building service called Python Morsels.

If you'd like to improve your Python skills every week, sign up!

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