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CLI for finding DRM-free Audiobooks

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I recently acquired an appreciation for audiobooks. I listen to multiple audiobooks every month and I prefer DRM-free audiobooks so that I can listen through my favorite audiobook reader on each of my devices.

Downpour and eMusic are the only services I know that provide a large selection of DRM-free audiobooks. Unfortunately not all audiobooks are available on either of these sites, so I often end up searching both sites for each book to discover what versions (if any) are available from each. I got sick of searching both websites all the time, so I just created a Python script to do that work for me.

Future Improvements

Some ideas for future improvements:

  • Add Audible results when the book cannot be found in a DRM-free format
  • Rewrite the script in JavaScript and create a Chrome extension out of it
  • Use clint to colorize the command-line output


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