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Webinar: Regular Expressions in Python

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Don’t understand how regular expressions work?

Having trouble making your regular expressions readable?

I’m doing a 90 minute webinar to show you how to write readable regular expressions.

You can sign up here.

May 2015 Update: the webinar was recorded and you can watch it by signing up at the same link. The second half of this webinar event will be held this Saturday May 7 at 9am Pacific Time and is also accessible from the same link.

What’s a webinar?

Is this like a seminar? Aren’t seminars boring? Seminars can be boring but I’m hoping this webinar will be fun.

“Webinar” doesn’t sound cool, but I prefer it over “Wwworkshop”.

This will basically be like an online workshop. I’ll demonstrate some concepts through live coding and explanations and we’ll take a couple breaks to work through exercises together. There will be a chat room so we can discuss the concepts and share our answers for each of the exercises.

I do plan to do more of these so if you have a better suggestion for what to call this kind of thing than “webinar”, I’m all ears.

What will we learn?

We’ll learn about using regular expressions for validating text and for searching within text. We’ll cover the basic regular expression syntax and how to use use regular expressions in Python in particular.

Most importantly, we will discuss how to make your regular expressions readable.

I will be reviewing the basics of regular expressions, so if you’ve never used regular expressions before you should be able to follow along.

Will there be any follow-up to this?

Yes! I’m planning a second half to this webinar which will also be 90 minutes long. I’ll announce the date and time to attendees of part 1.

There is more to regular expressions than validation and searching.

Here are some things we will not cover in part 1, but which I hope to go over in part 2:

  • Substitutions
  • Data normalization
  • Greediness
  • Lookahead/lookbehind

When is this?

March 26 at 9am Pacific Time.


  • 11am in Chicago
  • 12pm in New York
  • 4pm in London
  • 5pm in Berlin
  • 6pm in Kyiv
  • 7pm in Moscow
  • 9:30pm in Bengaluru
  • midnight in Perth

Find out what time that is in your time zone

How much does this cost?


Just kidding.

It’s free.

Where can I sign up?

You can sign up at

I set the registration cap at 100 and as of this writing, 49 tickets have been claimed.

I did a similar event (on list comprehensions) for PyLadies Remote in the past and it went well.

I plan to do more of these kinds of events in the future. I’ll announce events to my email list first.


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