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Python Cyber Monday Sales 2018

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I’m running a sale that ends in 24 hours, but I’m not the only one. This post is a compilation of the different Cyber Monday deals I’ve found related to Python and Python learning.

Python Morsels weekly skill-building

This is my weekly Python skill-building service.

I’m offering 52 weeks of Python Morsels for 50% off.

You can find more details on this sale here.

Talk Python Course Bundle

Michael Kennedy of Talk Python is offering a 4 course bundle for a number of Python courses.

Reuven Lerner’s Python courses

Reuven Lerner is also offering a 40% off sale on his courses. Reuven has courses on Python, Git, and regular expressions.

PyBites Code Challenges

Bob and Julian of PyBites are offering a 50% off sale on their Code Challenges. These are a different variety of code challenges than Python Morsels. You could sign up for both and Python Morsels if you wanted extra learning every week.

Hello Web Books

Tracy Osborn is running a 50% off sale on her Hello Web Books, which include books on Python and Django for beginners to web programming and books on design for beginners to web design. You’ll need to enter coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2018 to get these deals.

The pytest book

Brian Okken’s Python Testing with pytest is on sale today (along with other Pragmatic Bookshelf books) for 40% off with coupon code turkeysale2018.

More Python Books

A number of Python book publishers, such as No Starch, are running big sales on their books. I took a look at their sale, but haven’t gone searching for more of them.

Other Cyber Monday deals?

If you have questions about the Python Morsels sale, email me.

The Python Morsels sale and likely all the other sales above will end in the next 24 hours, probably sooner depending on when you’re reading this.

So go check them out!

Did I miss a deal that you know about? Link to it in the comments!


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