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Black Friday Sale: Gift Python Morsels to a Friend

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From today until the end of Monday December 2nd, I’m selling bundles of two 52-week Python Morsels redemption codes.

You can buy 12 months of Python Morsels for yourself and gift 12 months of Python Morsels to a friend for free!

Or, if you’re extra generous, you can buy two redemption codes (for the price of one) and gift them both to two friends.

What is Python Morsels?🐍🍪

Python Morsels is a weekly Python skill-building service for professional Python developers. Subscribers receive one Python exercise every week in the Python skill level of their choosing (novice, intermediate, advanced).

Each exercise is designed to help you think the way Python thinks, so you can write your code less like a C/Java/Perl developer would and more like a fluent Pythonista would. Each programming language has its own unique ways of looking at the world: Python Morsels will help you embrace Python’s.

One year’s worth of Python Morsels will help even experienced Python developers deepen their Python skills and find new insights about Python to incorporate into their day-to-day work.

How does this work? 🤔

Normally a 12 month Python Morsels subscription costs $200. For $200, I’m instead selling two redemption codes, each of which can be used for 12 months (52 weeks) of Python Morsels exercises.

With this sale, you’ll get two 12-month redemption codes for the price of one. So you’ll get 1 year of Python Morsels for 2 friends for just $200.

These codes can be used at any time and users of these codes will always maintain access to the 52 exercises received over the 12 month period. You can use one of these codes to extend your current subscription, but new users can also use this redemption code without signing up for an ongoing subscription.

Only one of these codes can be used per account (though you can purchase as many as you’d like to gift to others).

What will I (and my friends) get with Python Morsels? 🎁

With Python Morsels you’ll get:

  • An email every Monday which includes a detailed problem to solve using Python
  • Multiple bonuses for almost every problem (most have 3 bonuses, almost all have 2) so you can re-adjust your difficulty level on a weekly basis
  • Hints for each problem which you can use when you get stuck
  • An online progress tracking tool to keep track of which exercises you’ve solved and how many bonuses you solved for each exercise
  • Automated tests (to ensure correctness) which you can run locally and which also run automatically when you submit your solutions
  • An email every Wednesday with a detailed walkthrough of various solutions (usually 5-10) for each problem, including walkthroughs of each bonus and a discussion of why some solutions may be better than others
  • A skill level selection tool (novice, intermediate, advanced) which you can adjust based on your Python experience
  • A web interface you can come back to even after your 12 months are over

Okay, I’m interested. Now what? ✨

First of all, don’t wait. This buy-one-get-one-free sale ends Monday!

You can sign up and purchase 2 redemption codes by visiting

Note that you need to create a Python Morsels account to purchase the redemption codes. You don’t need to have an on-going subscription, you just need an account.

If you have any questions about this sale, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Go get your Python Morsels redemption codes


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