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Python Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales (2021)

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This is my annual compilation post of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals I’ve found related to Python and Python learning.

Note: Some sales likely aren’t announced yet, so I will update this post on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

50% off dozens of Python screencasts (Python Morsels)

Yes, the self-promotion comes first.

The Python Morsels Lite plan has evolved a lot since I first launched it and it’s long overdue for a price increase. This plan includes access to over 90 Python screencasts (a new one added each week) as well as a monthly Python exercise (your choice from novice to advanced Python).

From December 1, 2021 onward the price for the Python Morsels Lite plan will be $10/month or $100/year. Until November 30, you can signup for $5/month or $50/year (and you’ll lock-in that price for as long as you’re subscribed). This is the lowest price I’ll ever offer this plan for.

Save 50% on the Python Morsels Lite plan by signing up from now until Cyber Monday.

Get the Python Morsels Lite plan for just $50/year

Reuven Lerner’s Python courses and Weekly Python Exercise

Reuven Lerner is offering 30% off all his products (intro Python bundle, advanced Python bundle, data analytics bundle, and Weekly Python Exercises, and more) through Monday. Enter the coupon BF2021 if needed (though that link should apply the coupon already).

If you like Python Morsels, you might want to check out Reuven’s Weekly Python exercise as well. Both are based around exercise-driven learning.

Matt Harrison’s books and courses on Python, data science, and Pandas

Matt Harrison is offering a 40% discount on all his courses and books (on Python, Pandas, and data science). See his MetaSnake store for more details. Enter coupon code BF40 if needed (though the coupon code should already be applied when you click that link).

Python Essentials for Data Scientists (Kevin Markham of Data School)

Kevin Markham is offering 33% off his new course, Python Essentials for Data Scientists. The course will be $33 instead of $49 from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. The BLACKFRIDAY coupon is already applied from that link, but you’ll need to wait until Friday (when enrollment to officially opens) to hit the Buy button.

Talk Python course bundle

You can get every Talk Python course that’s been made so far for just $250 (or less if you’ve bought previous bundles). There’s 34 courses currently and the bundle also includes courses published before October 2022.

PyBites books, courses, and Python exercises

PyBites is offering 40% off Python courses, books, and exercises in their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

Mike Driscoll’s Python books

Mike Driscoll is offering $10 off any of his Python books with the coupon code black21. Remember to apply that coupon code (it’s not auto-applied in that link).

Brian Okken’s Pytest book (Pragmatic Bookshelf)

Pragmatic Bookshelf is offering 40% off all books with the code turkeysale2021, including Brian Okken’s Pytest book which is just under $15 with the coupon.

Learning Python By Example

Sundeep Agarwal is offering his Practice Python Projects for free this week (normally $10) as well as a Learn by example Python bundle (which includes Practice Python Projects) for $2 (normally $12).

Python Problem-Solving Bootcamp

Rodrigo of Mathspp is offering 40% off his Python Problem-Solving Bootcamp which involves a community that will be solving Advent of Code 2021 exercises together during December 2021 as well as Jupyter notebooks and an eBook of analysis around the challenges.

Django-specific sales

Adam Johnson’s Speed Up Your Django Tests is on sale for 50% off (it’s normally $49). If you’re using Django and writing automated tests (you should be!) check out Adam’s book.

Will Vincent is also offering a 50% discount on his Django books, via a 3 book bundle. Each of Will’s Django books is normally $40, but during his Black Friday sale you can get all 3 books for $59.

Test Driven is offering a 25% discount on a 3 Django course bundle from Michael Herman and friends. You can get three $30 courses for just $68 in total.

Check out Adam Johnson’s Django-related deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday post for more Django-related deals.

More Sales To Watch Out For

No Starch often offers Black Friday discounts on lots of Python books (Al Sweigart, Eric Mathes, and more).

Lots of screencasts, exercises, books, and courses on sale

This blog post is not up-to-date yet. Check back on Black Friday for more Python-related sales as I hear about them (and feel free to comment below if you find more).

Also don’t go too wild on sales! If you don’t have time to work through a Python course, don’t buy it. If you’re unlikely to ever read that Python book, don’t get it. And if you can’t commit to weekly Python learning, don’t subscribe!

Consider picking a few things that look like you’ll actually use them, and buy them. Python educators love your support, but we also like happy customers who use and love our services.

Also if you have money to spend but nothing to spend it on (that’s a great problem to have…), do as Python educator Allen Downey suggested and donate to charity. You could become a PSF member or give to highly effective charities via GiveWell or The Life You Can Save.

If you have a question about the Python Morsels sale please email me. If you have a question about the other sales, reach out to the folks running it.

Happy coding!


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