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Below are some websites and open source projects I am involved with.

Unicode Party

Search for unicode emoji at Unicode Party. The code is available on GitHub.

PseudoRandom Name

Get a random name by visiting PseudoRandom Name. The code is available on GitHub.


I use EditorConfig in all of my own projects. You should too.


I use tmuxstart for my tmux sessions. It greatly improves my workflow.


I use names to generate random names for testing. This is the command-line version of


The invoices project is a LaTeX class for creating print-friendly invoices.


The resume project is a LaTeX class for creating resumes. I created this after I got sick of creating resumes in word processors.

Django Projects

I help maintain multiple Django projects.

jQuery Django Formset

jquery-django-formset allows easy management of dynamic Django formsets.

jQuery Form Restrict

The jquery-formrestrict project can be used to restrict form input. I originally made this project to replace the broken jQuery Alphanumeric plugin. I rarely use this project now.

Drive-By Commits

I think every open source contribution is noteworthy, no matter how small.

I have made many very minor contributions to a variety of open source projects. Some were simply fixing documentation typos or adding an EditorConfig file, others were fixing a minor bug, improving tests, or adding a minor feature. Here are some of the projects I have made at least one minor contribution to:

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