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Long-Form Talks

I prefer 5 minute lightning talks and 3 hour workshops, but I do also sometimes give long-form 25-30 minute talks. You can find a few of my recorded talks below.

Loop Better: a deeper look at iteration in Python

In this talk we take a look at how Python's for loops work under the hood and in the process we learn about iterables, iterators, and lazy looping in Python.

You can find the Loop Better slides here.

Easier Classes: Python Classes Without All the Cruft

This is a tour of some of the built-in and third-party tools that make class creation a bit easier in Python.

You can find the Easier Classes slides here.

Comprehensible Comprehensions

This talk is on list comprehensions and generator expressions in Python. In this talk we take a look at how why Python has comprehensions, how they work, how to make them readable, and when to turn comprehensions into generator expressions.

You can find the Comprehensible Comprehension slides here.

Python Oddities Explained

In this talk we dive into some common (and not so common) gotchas in Python. This talk was heavily inspired by questions asked by my corporate training students and tweets I made on the #pythonoddity hashtag.

You can find the Python Oddities Explained slides here.

Readability Counts

In this talk we take a look at a few different important aspects of code style in Python.

You can find the Readability Counts slides here.

Python 2 to 3: How to Upgrade and What Features to Start Using

This talk explores the process of upgrading from Python 2 to Python 3 and the process and tours the tools that can help with this process.

You can find the Python 2 to 3 slides here.

Workshops & Tutorials

Interactive workshops and tutorials are my preferred in-person teaching style. Recorded workshops aren't as valuable as the in-person experience, but they can still be valuable! You can take a look at a few recordings of my workshops past below.

Using List Comprehensions and Generator Expressions for Data Processing

This is a 3 hour tutorial I taught at PyCon 2018 on some Python-specific looping constructs that are particularly helpful when processing data. The workshop material can be found at

Readable Regular Expressions

This is a 3 hour tutorial I taught at PyCon 2017 on regular expressions. We discussed what regular expressions are good for, how to write them, how they work in Python specifically, and some often overlooked techniques for making regular expressions more readable. The workshop material can be found at

Hands-On Introduction to Python

This is a 3 hour tutorial I taught at PyCon 2017 for new programmers. The workshop material can be found at

Test-Driven Web Development with Django

and at Ansir Innovation Center

Volunteers from the San Diego Python group taught a Django using test-driven development. I organized and co-created much of the tutorial. All teaching material we used is available online.

Lightning Talks

I love giving lightning talks. I've done many lightning talks at various meetups and conferences over the years. Here are some of the lightning talks I've given that have been recorded.

Mixing Tabs & Spaces

at PyCon US 2016

Give a Lightning Talk

at DjangoCon US 2016

JavaScript: Slightly more like Python

at DjangoCon US 2015

Reading Python Tracebacks

at San Diego Python


at sandiego.js
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