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I’m offering a service to help life-long Python learners manufacture ah-ha moments.

A few years ago at my local Python meetup I was discussing how function arguments work (they’re call-by-assignment a.k.a. call by object). A friend spoke up to clarify: “but it doesn’t work that way for numbers and strings, right?” I said “I’m pretty sure it works like this for everything”.

After some quiet Googling, my friend declared “I’ve been using Python for over a decade and I never knew it worked this way”. They’d suddenly realized their mental model of the Python world differed from Python’s model of itself. They’d experienced an “ah-ha moment”.

I’m going to publish at least one short Python screencast every week to help manufacture Python ah-ha moments. These will be single-topic screencasts that won’t waste your time.

So, if you’re a life-long learner who uses Python and doesn’t have a wealth of time for learning, read on.

What is this?

With this subscription you’ll receive access to a growing archive of Python screencasts (at least one new screencast each week). If you enjoy my articles or my talks and tutorials, you’ll probably enjoy the format I use in my screencasts.

Don’t like video? That’s okay! Each screencast is captioned and includes a mini-blog post which is nearly a text-based equivalent to the video.

What are the screencasts like?

Each screencast will be concise and short, under 6 minutes. Examples include variables are pointers (2 mins) and the 2 types of “change” (3 mins), plus others here.

What topics will the screencasts be on? Functions, classes, scope, operator overloading, decorators, exception handling, and more. Screencasts will focus on Python core, not third-party libraries (no Pandas, Numpy, or Django). Topics will range from beginner to advanced.

Will the screencasts be freely shareable? Some screencasts will be limited to subscribers and some will be available to non-subscribers, with a yet-to-be-decided breakdown between the two.

You’ll also get get occasional Python exercises

This weekly screencast subscription is part of Python Morsels, an exercise subscription service I run. In addition to weekly screencasts, you’ll also get one Python exercise each month.

If you’ve taken my PyCon tutorials or attended my trainings, you know exercises are the best part of my curriculum. I spend a lot of time making new exercises because we learn by attempting to retrieve information from our heads (through practice), not by putting information into our heads.

Python Morsels exercises are both interesting and complex but not complicated. You don’t need to work through the monthly exercises, but I do recommend it.

This subscription is $50/year for a limited time

I’m offering this service for a comparatively low price of $50/year because I don’t have a large archive of screencasts yet. I have plans to increase the price in 2021, but as an early user your price will always be $50/year.

If you’re not sure whether this is for you, sign up to try it out for free.

Why pay for this when there’s a lot of great free Python videos out there?

Why am I charging money for this?

There’s really one reason: you’re trading money for time. This is a tradeoff I’ve grown an appreciation for (one which would baffle a younger version of myself).

This time-money tradeoff comes in a few forms:

  1. You will never see any ads on Python Morsels: you’re not the product, the screencasts are
  2. No filler content or rambling (no ad revenue means no need for long videos)
  3. I have unique expertise and perspective: teaching Python is my business and I’m good at it

Watch some of the current screencasts before signing up. If my teaching style isn’t for you, that’s okay! But if my teaching style is for you, I think you’ll find the next year’s worth of screencasts will be worthwhile! 😁

Student discounts? Team subscriptions? Other questions?

My standard discount policy is income-tiered: if you make less than $60,000 USD annually, you’re eligible. I also offer situation-specific discounts, so please ask for a discount if you need one.

If you’re paying through your employer, note that there are team subscriptions too. Just fill out this form to get started setting up a subscription for your team.

Ready to try it out?

Are you ready to subscribe to a growing collection of short and concise Python screencasts? Let’s get learning!

Do you have another question that I haven’t answered here? Check out the Lite plan FAQ or email your question to

Happy learning!


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