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Python Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales (2022)

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It’s that time of year again… time for my annual compilation post of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for learning Python.

Save up to $108 a year on Python Morsels

Of course I’m going to kick things off with my own sale. 😉

Python Morsels helps developers deepen their Python skills in a way that day-to-day coding simply can’t.

Python Morsels is specifically crafted for:

  • experienced developers frustrated with gaps in their Python knowledge
  • self-taught programmers seeking courage and confidence in their Python abilities
  • intermediate-level Python learners trying to deepen skills

If you saw yourself in that list, subscribe now before prices increase on November 29, 2022!

Python books, courses, templates, and exercises

There are a lot of Python-related sales going on this year. Note that some of the below sales include courses, some include books, some include templates (Itamar’s Docker templates for example) and some include a mix of different learning products.

Python learning subscriptions

I use a subscription model for Python Morsels because subscriptions (when done well) can encourage habitual learning, which is often more effective than binge-learning. But Python Morsels isn’t the only subscription-based Python learning platform.

Here sales on other learning subscriptions:

  • O'Reilly Media subscriptions are $200 off with the coupon CYBERWEEK22
  • Dunder Data subscriptions (by Ted Petrou) are 40% off (normally $399), plus an extra 50% off for completing 3 certificates within 3 months
  • DataCamp has a 50% off sale on their annual subscriptions right now as well

Also here’s a Python-related service that’s on sale (a subscription product, not a learning service):

  • Sourcery: Sourcery Pro is 33% off for the first 12 months with coupon BLACKFRIDAY2022

Django sales

Adam Johnson compiled many Django-related Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Will Vincent is offering 50% off a bundle for newer Django developers (sale)
  • Adam Johnson is offering 50% off his books for experienced Django developers (announcement)
  • Test Driven is selling a discounted bundle of courses on Django REST Framework, Celery, and search (sale)

Plus other discounted books, apps, templates, and services from others: read Adam’s full post for more details on the Django-related sales this year.

Go get yourself some deals!

Go hop on those sales! (But make sure to put an event in your calendar to actually use what you purchase. 😉)

And if you have questions about the Python Morsels Cyber Monday sale please comment below or email me.

Happy Python-ing!


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