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Python Morsels Cyber Monday sale

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Python Morsels helps Python users sharpen their Python skills in a way that writing production code doesn’t. If you are:

  • an experienced developer, frustrated with gaps in your Python knowledge
  • a self-taught programmer seeking courage and confidence in your Python abilities
  • or an intermediate-level Python learner trying to deepen your Python skills

…a weekly Python Morsels habit can help you make consistent progress and noticeable growth in just a few months.

Python Morsels is on sale through Cyber Monday. Subscribe now to save up to $108 per year.

Day-to-day coding isn’t purposeful learning

If you write Python frequently, you likely learn new things all the time. The learning you get from day-to-day coding is messy and unpredictable. Yes, learning happens, but gradually.

What if you could learn something unexpected about Python in just 30 minutes a week?

That’s what Python Morsels is designed to do: push you just outside your comfort zone to discover something new without requiring a big time sink.

The time I spent working on Python Morsels problems translates into saved time programming for work. And it’s not a grind - it’s actually fun. I’ve learned advanced Python concepts that I would have never had the opportunity to use in my day to day work.
ā€” Eric Pederson, Python Morsels user

Guided Python practice every single week

Python Morsels is quite different from many other Python learning systems: you tell me your Python skill level (from novice to advanced) and I send you small tasks to help you sharpen your Python skills.

Every Monday, you’ll receive an email from me with:

  • a short screencast to watch (or read)
  • a multi-part exercise to move you outside your comfort zone (often achievable in 30 minutes)
  • a mini exercise that you can accomplish in just 10 minutes
  • links to dive deeper into subsequent screencasts and exercises

If you’d like to nudge your learning in a specific direction, you can always work through a topic-specific exercise path, or watch one of my many screencast series.

Does this actually work?

If you use Python Morsels even semi-regularly, Iā€™m confident your Python skills will improve.

Here’s what Python Morsels users have to say:

I was hesitant about paying for Python Morsels given how many free learning resources there are. But it was definitely worth it. I’ve learnt more from Python Morsels than anything else, by far.
ā€” Cosmo Grant

During my study of Python, I used various programming challenge sites. I can say for sure that this is the best challenge site I have ever come across.
ā€” Bartosz Chojnacki

Not sure? Read more from Python Morsels users here.

Lock-in your $200/year subscription

Python Morsels currently includes over 150 screencasts and articles and nearly 200 exercises, each of which links to over a dozen helpful resources.

Subscribe before November 29, 2022 to lock-in your subscription at $200/year.


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