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Python Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales (2023)

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It’s time for my annual compilation post of Python learning deals. I’ve been compiling Python-related Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales since 2018 and 2023’s Python-related sales are coming up.

Lifetime Python Morsels access for the price of two years

I’m kicking things off with my sale on Python Morsels. Python Morsels helps developers deepen their Python skills in a way that day-to-day coding simply can’t.

Python Morsels is designed for:

  • experienced developers frustrated with gaps in their Python knowledge
  • self-taught programmers seeking courage and confidence in their Python abilities
  • experienced Python developers hoping to dive even deeper

If you saw yourself in that list and you plan to use Python heavily for at least a few more years, I highly recommend checking out the Python Morsels sale.

From now through November 27, you can get lifetime access to Python Morsels for a one-time fee. Python Morsels usually costs $240/year but lifetime access is only $480. This is the best sale I’ve ever offered on Python Morsels and I’m guessing this might be the best Python-related deal this year.

On sale now

Here are Python-related sales that are live right now:

If you know of another sale (or a likely sale) please comment below.

Django sales

Adam Johnson is also compiling many Django-related Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales via a Django sales post.

More developer-oriented deals

For even more Black Friday deals for software developers, see, which I believe launched this year.

Go get yourself some deals!

Go hop on those sales! (But make sure to put an event in your calendar to actually use what you purchase. 😉) And if you have questions about the Python Morsels Cyber Monday sale please comment below or email me.

Happy Python-ing!


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